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Zev Technologies – Pro Flat Face Trigger Upgrade Bar Kit For Glock 23 Black

One of the pioneers in the huge market for Glock trigger upgrades was Zev Technologies, a company that found incredible success in competition with its trigger enhancements. To improve the product, though, Zev’s engineers went back to the drawing board and spent thousands of hours designing an improved trigger upgrade. The result was the Zev Technologies Glock Pro Flat Face Trigger Upgrade Kit.

Each Zev Glock Pro Flat Face Trigger Upgrade Kit developed through hundreds of thousands of rounds of testing, leading to the design of a proprietary trigger bar and connector that offer the cleanest, most-crisp trigger pull found on the market today. The new trigger pad is built with a riveted assembly that makes it one of the most-durable replacement options available to today’s Glock users.