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SIG Sauer P320 Lower Parts Kit

This kit for SIG Sauer P320 builds has all the lower parts used to complete your SIG Sauer P320 Compatible MUP-1 including:

  • Trigger Stop Pin
  • Slide Catch Lever Pin
  • Safety Lever Pin
  • Sear Pivot Pin
  • Split Coil Pin
  • Slide Catch Lever Spring Post
  • Take Down Safety Lever
  • Safety Lever
  • Slide Catch
  • Sear
  • O Ring
  • Take Down Lever
  • Slide Catch Assembly
  • Spring, slide catch lever
  • Spring, Sear (2)
  • Trigger Bar Spring
  • Spring, Takedown Lever
  • Flat Faced Trigger
  • Trigger Bar
  • Sear Housing
  • Manual Disconnector