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Polymer80 Frame Parts Kit for Glock 19 / Glock 17 Gen3 9mm

A Complete Parts Kit Perfect for Your Pistol Build

Polymer80 made a name for itself with the company’s line of partially finished, unserialized, Glock style pistol frames, giving consumers an opportunity to test their building skills by creating a usable pistol frame. Now, the company is expanding its offerings to include all of the necessary elements needed to finish a Glock-style handgun frame build in the form of the company’s Glock Gen 3 Frame Parts Kit.

Designed for use with all of the company’s 9mm pistol frames, including the PF940c, PF940v2, PF940CL, PF904SC, the Polymer80 Glock Frame Parts Kit is also compatible with Glock’s OEM 9mm pistol frames, giving consumers the parts they need to finish a G17, G19, G26 or even a G34. Every kit will include two trigger shoes, either a curved or a flat option, with the flat-faced trigger coming pre-installed onto the trigger bar. The kit also includes slide-lock springs for full-size, compact and subcompact pistols.