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Overwatch Precision Glock Gen1-4 Polymer Dat Trigger Kits

The broad, flat face of the Polymer DAT Trigger permits a straight, uniquely self-correcting rearward press. Pre-travel has been reduced as much as possible without risking safety, so you revel in a clean, crisp break and almost non-existent overtravel. Most importantly, all of these benefits do not come at the expense of compromising reliable operation of the factory safeties.

  • Drop-in ready for Gen1 thru Gen4 Glock® pistols
  • WILL NOT fit Gen5 or G19X pistols
  • Solid-body, molded hard-polymer trigger shoe & safety lever
  • Flat-faced shoe enhances control & leverage
  • Polished stainless steel OEM Glock trigger bar installed
  • Models for standard (9mm, .40 & .357 SIG) and large frame (.45 ACP & 10mm Auto) pistols, plus separate models for the G36, G42 and G43