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MDX Arms G17 Series ONE Build Kit without JIG PF940v2 Glock 17

These are called BUILDERS Kits and not called “Assemble Kit” for a reason. You will need to file/sand/polish p80 frames/parts in order to make it work. Esp. for the subcompact, almost 100% of the time you will have to modify the locking block. If you are not capable of doing this then DO not buy these kits.

MDX Arms S1 Build Kit Contents:

  • Polymer80 80% Frame Kit with Jig and tooling – PF940v2 (metal rails, newest version)
  • Polymer Front and Rear Sights 
  • Lower Parts Kit (LPK) -OBVIOUSLY if the option says “none” this means its not included
  • Slide Parts Kit (SPK)
  • Match Grade Drop-In Barrel
  • MDX Arms Series One Custom CNC Slide USA Made
  • RMR Plate, Upgraded Ejector and LPK are Optional
  • Channel Liner Installed.