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MDX Arms Alpha Sports TiN G19 Match Grade Barrel – Flutted/TIN Glock 19

  • G19 9mm Match Grade Fluted TiN Barrel
  • Titanium nitride (TiN) plated for increased wear resistance.
  • The TiN plating also gives the barrel an attractive gold finish.
  • CNC Machined on state of the art equipment.
  • Compatible with 3rd & 4th Gen G19’s.
  • Tighter barrel lock up.
  • 4″ barrel length.
  • Manufactured from premium U.S. made 416R stainless steel bar-stock.
  • Gas vacuum heat-treated and double-tempered to mitigate stress.
  • Broach cut rifled in 1:16LH twist for improved accuracy, and the ability to shoot lead (non-jacketed) projectiles.
  • CNC diamond honed bore for improved accuracy and concentrically.
  • Fully supported and polished chamber and feed ramp.
  • G19 Pistol not included.
  • Installation by an experienced Glock armorer recommended