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Lone Wolf Glock 17 / Glock 19 Compact Timberwolf 80% Frame

The TWC-C and TWC-F accept Gen3 and Gen4 G19, 23, 32, and 38 slides.

When using a Gen4 slide you simply remove the installed adapter in the dust cover area of the frame. Using Gen3 slides you leave the adapter in place to fill the gap between the slide and dust cover.

The TWC includes the dust cover adapter, removable magazine well, and interchangeable backstraps.

No matter what your shooting goal is, the TWC will fit your needs. Whether you want a gun for backwoods carry, a longslide for competition, a slim and easy to carry 9mm for personal protection, or just want to build the coolest gun at the range, the Timberwolf Compact can make your dreams come true.