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GLOCK 19 Gen-3 Trigger Parts OEM lower 9-mm set kit LPK Factory Genuine OEM

New OEM Glock Gen 3 lower parts. This will fit an OEM gen3 frame, gen3 patterns frames, and the PF-940-C. It does not include a locking block, or a trigger housing pin, since those come with a PF-940-C. Please note that Lone Wolf brand frames use a gen4 trigger housing and mag catch. If you are using a LWD frame the gen3 trigger housing and magazine catch will not fit. Check out my other listings for those.

Genuine Factory OEM Glock parts included:

SP02303 – Glock OEM Trigger with Trigger Bar
SP00322 – Glock OEM Trigger Mechanism Housing with 9 Ejector
SP00343 – Glock OEM 5LB. Trigger Connector
SP00350 – Glock OEM Trigger Spring
SP02919 – Glock OEM Standard Slide Release Lever
SP00287 – Glock OEM Magazine Release
SP00280 – Glock OEM Magazine Release Spring
SP00301 – Glock OEM Slide Lock
SP00420 – Glock OEM Trigger Pin
SP02317 – Glock OEM Slide Lock Spring
SP04368 – Glock OEM Locking Block Pin