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Brownells – Match Grade Conversion Barrels For Glock 23 Non-Threaded Black Nitride

The Brownells Match-Grade Conversion Barrel enables you to switch your .40 S&W chambered Glock® 23 to shoot 9mm Luger (9x19mm) ammo AND also improve its accuracy potential at the same time. It fits Gen1 through Gen4 variants of the Glock® 23, and will be a drop-in install on most guns.

Each conversion barrel is machined from 416R stainless steel alloy to precise dimensions to ensure a tight lockup and long service life. Button-rifled with 1-10″ right-hand, 6-groove rifling that is compatible with inexpensive “practice” ammo that has non-jacketed bullets. The hard Black Nitride finish resists surface wear and stops in its tracks whatever corrosion might try to challenge the stainless steel.