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Brownells – Long Slide Blank for Glock 19 Gen 3 Stainless

Create your own custom Glock® style pistol with the Brownells Extended Slide for Glock® 19 frames.

Taking the length of a standard Glock® 17 slide, Brownells has adapted a longer slide to function on a compact Glock® 19 size frame.  Get the benefits of a long slide & short frame all in one package.  Excellent build choice for those carrying concealed, where slide length isn’t a concern, but grip printing is.  Long slide allows user to maximize their sight radius, leading to improved shot placement.  Extended slide requires the use of Brownells Extended Barrels for Glock® 19 frames (Glock® 17 barrels will not function).  Compatible with Gen3 Glock® style frames only.