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  • NineX19 Steel City Arsenal Gen1-4 Glock Trigger – 9X Edition Choose Black Nitride, Silver Steel or Gold Nitride
  • TTI Grand Master Connector Kit for Glock 43/43X/48/SS80 Trigger Package

    TTI Grand Master Connector Kit for Glock 43/43X/48/SS80

    *Stainless steel trigger pin does not serve any functional purpose, but is simply an identifier that our components are in your trigger.*

    *Taran Tactical recommends that you go to a certified gunsmith or Glock armorer for installation*

    TTI Grand Master Connector Kit Any great shooter who knows their way around a Glock will tell you that the key to having the optimal set-up is a great connector kit and extra springs.

    Glock’s advertised 5.5lb trigger pull actually measures out at 7-7.75lbs on average.

    The Grand Master Connector Kit brings down the trigger pull to 3-5lb with no gunsmithing! (Varies from Glock to Glock).

    This trigger package will provide the lightest, smoothest, and cleanest trigger break you’ll ever put into your Glock.

    Made from extremely hard SAE 1075 Heat-Treated Tool-Steel, highly polished, and the only connector that is electroless nickel plated ( MIL-C-26074E Military Standard ).

    This process achieves a light, clean smooth break with specially designed chrome silicone springs to remove some of the take-up and add a faster reset while reducing brittleness.

    Top shooters from around the world attest to the superiority and competitive excellence brought by the Grand Master connector kit.

    Shooters such as; Bob Vogel ( World and National Champion ), Nils Jonasson( National Champion ), Shane Coley ( National Champion ), Blake Miguez ( National and World Champion ), Shannon Smith ( National Champion ), Manny Bragg, Dustin Ellerman ( Top Shot Winner ), Randi Rogers( National and World Champion ), Kieth Garcia( 3 Gun Nation Champion), Gabby Franco ( Top Shot ), and Allie Barrett ( World Rim-Fire Champion ).

    Kit includes:

    1x TTI GM Electroless Connector.

    1x TTI Reduced power Striker Springs.

    1x TTI Trigger-return Springs.

    1x TTI Reduced Power-Plunger Spring.

    1x TTI Stainless Steel Rear Trigger Pin.

  • Apex Tactical Specialties Inc. Action Enhancement Trigger w/Gen3 Trigger Bar for Glock

    The Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger for Glock® is a direct drop-in replacement of the factory polymer trigger and reduces pre-travel, overall trigger travel, and trigger reset, provides a smooth uptake and reset while delivering a crisp trigger break.

    Trigger Only Requires use of customer’s stock Gen3 trigger bar (and removal of factory trigger) or installation on separately purchased factory trigger bar (NOTE: removing the factory trigger from the trigger bar requires replacement of the complete assembly to go back to stock). Not for use with Gen4 trigger bar or Gen5 Glocks.

  • Ghost Inc. Edge Glock 42 / 43 / 43x / 48 - 3lb Trigger Connector

    G42/43/43x/48 Edge

    Fixes The 10lb. Wall Of Resistance!

    First And Only Bump Free Trigger Connector For The Glock 42, 43, 43x And 48

    Drop-In, No Fitting Required!

  • STRYKOUT Gen3–4 Flat Faced Trigger Shoe Fits Glock 43 43x 48 with Trigger Bar

    This trigger is a head turner. It’s not for the shy. Whether you’re a competition shooter or a keyboard jockey operator this trigger will make it look like you’re an expert. This trigger will give you maximum control over shot placement. The flat face is proven to provide a straight back pull by allowing your finger to find it’s own natural position on the trigger face. You’re gonna love it!!! Machined right here in the good ole’ USA from solid using high strength 6061 T6 aluminum then anodized to a brilliant finish. Guaranteed to fit perfect or your money back. Stop throwing balls with your Glock® factory trigger. Get your Serpico Performance STRYKOUT™ trigger today and start throwing STRYKES.

  • ZEV Technologies PRO Curved Trigger Bar Glock 43 / 43X / 48 Black w/ Red Safety Gen4

    ZEV created the market for GLOCK trigger upgrades. Over the years, our triggers have won more world championships and are in the hands of more professionals than all other after-market triggers, combined.

  • Lone Wolf Ultimate Adjustable Trigger

    Everyone loves a new pistol, but not everyone loves the factory trigger pull in their new gun. That’s why we created the Ultimate Adjustable Trigger, which has all of the features you want in an aftermarket trigger – at the price you need.

    The Ultimate Adjustable Trigger is available for all Glock models except GEN5 (coming soon!) and can be ordered as just the bare trigger shoe, or complete with an OEM Glock trigger bar.

  • Agency Arms - Glock 43 / 43X / 48 Flat-Faced Aluminum Trigger & Bar - Black

    The Agency Arms Drop-In Flat Faced Trigger is a huge improvement over the OEM Glock trigger, and has an incredibly short and crisp reset and smooth overall travel. It features an aluminum flat shoe with an OEM polished trigger bar

  • Apex Tactical Drop-In Action Enhancement Trigger Kit for Glock G43, G43x, G48 Slim Frame Model Pistols, Black/Red

    The Action Enhancement kit for slim frame Glock pistols (G43, G43X, G48) features the Apex Action Enhancement trigger, with trigger bar, and an Apex performance connector. The kit is a direct drop-in replacement of the factory polymer trigger and connector and provides for a smoother trigger pull with reduced travel, reduced reset and a crisp break.

  • CMC Glock 43 9mm Trigger Kit Slimline

    CMC Triggers Corp. announces a revolutionary new trigger design for the Glock® Pistol. Utilizing CMC’s Patented “Signature Flat” trigger design, they have downsized the overall geometry to create an excellent fit in the Glock® pistol.

  • Vickers Carry Trigger with Polished Trigger Bar, Flat Faced for Glock Model 43x

    The Flat Faced trigger shape with the large front surface and a low trigger safety
    allows trigger movement straight back, without unconsciously ‘pushing’ the weapon to one side or another as with a rounded triggers. This gives the perceived feel of a lighter trigger press. These features combined improve speed and accuracy.

    There are no vertical ‘ridges’ in the middle of the trigger face to irritate your finger
    so shooting at the range all day becomes a lot more comfortable.

    The over travel has been shortened just a tick to get you back into reset quicker, for faster follow-up shot if needed.

  • CDS Stainless Steel 2 Pin Trigger Pin Kit for Glock 42 43 43X 48 Choose Custom Color

    Fits Glock Models G42 G43 G43x G48

    Colors- Black, NRA Blue, Burnt Bronze, Chrome, Glock Flat Dark Earth, Glock Gray, OD Green, Red Stainless Steel, Tin/Gold, Zombie Green


    Black- Anodized Coated
    Chrome- Nickel (Satin Finish Not Glossy)
    NRA Blue, Burnt Bronze, Glock Gray, Glock Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Red And Zombie Green Are Coated With Cerakote
    Tin/Gold- Titanium Nitride Coated