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  • JSD Supply PF940c Glock 19 Full Build Kit - Minus Frame

    If you’ve been wanting to finish out a frame for a handgun that fits Glock compatible parts, then you need the PF940sc completion kit from JSD Supply. This completion kit comes with everything required to complete a G26 compatible firearm minus the frame. And if you want, we can even ship a polymer 80 PF940sc frame and jig directly to you, without the need for an FFL transfer.

    Our PF940sc completion kit includes the following:

    Patmos Arms Judah 26 Complete Slide – Made in the USA
    Patmos Arms 26 Barrel – Made in the USA
    Black Nitride 4150 steel
    Complete Lower Parts Kit
    This kit does not include the frame

  • MDX Arms G26 V2 with RMR Cut Build Kit - No Frame Glock 26 PF940SC

    Build Your Own Kit Includes: 

    • MDX G26 V2 9mm Slide with RMR Cut (6-32 Screw Thread Pitch)
    • Polymer Front and Rear Sights
    • Complete Slide Parts Kit with Guide Rod (Channel Liner Installed)
    • G26 Non Threaded Barrel in Stainless Steel or Black Nitride
    • RMR Plate Not Included
    • Compatible with Glock G26/Polymer80 PF940SC Frames


    • Lower Parts Kit (LPK)